Our Newsletter

The Benefice Newsletter is produced 11 times a year. (There is a double issue for December and January.) It does not just deal with church matters but covers all organisations and acitivites in our parishes and in the surrounding area. It is very widely read and costs 50p per issue.

The deadline for the following month's issue is (normally) the third Wednesday of each month. (Check with the Calendar section of the website for the precise date.)

The advertising section is very popular and well used: there is always room for new advertisers.

If you would like to submit an article  or if you would like to pay a year's subscripion (£5.50) please contact the Editor Mark Ewins, Marlands, Longtown, HR2 0PD. Tel: 01873 860829. Email: mark@corefields.com

The advertising section is a valuable way for local businesses and concerns to advertise their services. Many of those who do advertise have found that the response has been extraordinarily (and financially) positive. if you would like to advertise, please contact Jill Cook on 01873 860408. Email jill@clodockmill.com

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