The Craswall Christmas Quiz!



1 Why is BOXING DAY called Boxing Day?


2 What Christmas decoration is made from a parasitic plant?


3 What is MERRY CHRISTMAS in Welsh?


4 What is the date of ''Old Christmas''?


5 How many candles are there on an Advent Wreath? (Or Advent Sundays?)


6 When are the twelve days of Christmas?


7 What is the best selling Christmas song of all time? (hint: recorded in 1953)


8 On which day did Good King Wencelas step out?

             (bonus question: and what date is that?)


9 In the  Christmas carol ''The Holly and the Ivy'' the holly bears the _______?

              (bonus question: name of the English folklorist who collected and published the              

                version we sing today)


10 Name the disagreeable character who stole Christmas.

                (bonus question: what colour was he?)


11 Which country did our tradition of decorating a fir tree with lights and ornaments come  

     from? ( bonus question: which Queen's consort brought the tradition to Britain?)


12 The ''three wise men'' were kings and they came riding camels to visit Jesus. True or    



13 There were THREE wise men. True or False.


14 What gifts did they bring?


15 Who were the first people to visit the baby Jesus and his Mother Mary?


16 How did they hear about Jesus' birth?


17 Where was Jesus born? (name the town)


18 When Jesus, Mary and Joseph left this town where did they go to for Jesus' safety?


19 Where does a donkey feature in the Nativity Story?


20 The Nativity Story appears in only two of the Gospels, which two? Matthew, Mark,        

     Luke or John?


Answers will be posted on the Black Mountains Group website on Dec. 27th and available at Morning Service at Craswall Church on that day as well.


(If you'd like to check some of your answers yourself before that date....check out:

 Matthew chapter 1 verses 18-25 and Luke chapter 2 verses 1-7 ! )