The Deanery today

Abbeydore Deanery – Facts and Figures

The Deanery today

The deanery has a population of approximately 12000 with a similar age profile to the other parts of rural Herefordshire. 21% of the population are 20 or under, 26% of the population are 65 or over.

The Deanery has eight primary schools and two secondary schools (neither has a sixth form).

There are 33 parochial parish councils in five Benefices.

There are 35 churches.

The average number of people per church is 342.

There have been five full time stipendiary clergy and three Associate Ministers. There are currently two vacancies for stipendiary clergy; in the Ewyas Harold and Borderlink benefices.

With five clergy there is one full time stipendiary clergy for every 2400 people.

On average the cost of a stipendiary clergy is £56,000.

The Deanery will pay £239,000 as its parish offer in 2017 which is £39,000 less than the cost of five stipendiary clergy. In addition the benefices incur £26,000 of expenses funded by the PCCs.

Church attendance has been in steady decline over the past twenty years with an increasingly elderly congregation.

Hereford Diocese

Hereford Diocese has a population of approximately 323,000.

The Diocese has 13 deaneries divided into 105 benefices.

There are 340 parishes with 405 churches.

The average number of people per church is 800, the lowest for any diocese in England.

There are 84 full time stipendiary clergy which is one for every 3850 people.

The Church of England has 7,138 full time diocesan stipendiary clergy for a population of 55 million people; one for every 7700 people.