Questions, questions

Abbeydore Deanery – Mission Action Plan 2017

At the initial meeting at Peterchurch, ideas were put forward by the Deanery Working Party to grow the Church in the Abbeydore Deanery. After the meeting, people were asked to take time to reflect on the proposals and discuss them with your neighbours, fellow members of the congregation and PCC members. 

There will be another meeting on Tuesday 19th September, at 7.30pm in Vowchurch Village Hall, for the benefices to give their response to the proposed Mission Action Plan and their ideas for growing the Church in the Deanery. Each Benefice will hold at least one meeting between now and the meeting in September to discuss the proposals to which all parishioners will be invited.

In your discussions with neighbours, PCC members and Benefice members please consider the following questions:

Do you support the proposed Deanery Mission Action Plan?

Should our action plan tailor strategies for people in different age-groups/life-stages?

Do you have any other ideas for ways to grow the Church in the Deanery?

If there are fewer than five clergy how can we make best use of their time and energy?

If clergy work across the Deanery how can they best maintain a link with individual parishioners?

If there is a ministry team for the Deanery how should they interact with the PCCs?

How important is it that every parish within the Deanery has its own PCC?

Should some churches in the Deanery be selected as centres for church activities in the week and on Sundays?

Do PCCs need the input of the clergy to maintain the churches and churchyards in the Deanery?

In what other ways can we use church buildings to encourage growth?