Craswall Church Meeting: 3rd December 2016

This was a brainstorming meeting designed to crystallise ideas about how the church could be developed for community use.

Arising out of the previous meeting, four people had volunteered to help with completing the Heritage Lottery Fund Grant Application Forms: someone has further volunteered to help communicating ideas to the community. This is all really encouraging.

The next area where we need to recruit is the formation of a project team to manage the works once they are started.

A number of people who could not be present submitted ideas in advance, which was really helpful.

From the discussions which took place, ideas were put forward which can - just about - be summarised under three headings - spiritual, cultural and social.


Quiet days and weekends


Courses on meditation



Even more concerts!

Singing and music days

Art courses

Touring theatres

Local historical narrative



Supper evenings

Lent lunches

Burns Night


Patronal celebrations

It was underlined that several of these things could be started now, and there was enthusiasm for that to happen. Obviously many things depend upon the provision of kitchen and loo facilities, but there is scope for improvisation for both these things even now, especially if a number of events was planned to take place at about the same time..