Questions, questions: a course for Lent 2019

Questions, Questions: a Course for Lent

Occasionally people ask me if we can have an open discussion session to address certain questions they have about Christian faith and related matters, and I thought this Lent might be a good opportunity for that. The sessions, beginning on Tuesday March 12th, will take place in The Crown Inn in Longtown at 7.30pm. These session are open to everyone - believers, non-believers, the curious, the incurious, the baffled, the sceptical, the angry, the enthusiasts! 

A number of people have put forward topics for discussion: The following have been chosen.

March 12th Why is the God of the Old Testament so different from the God of the New?

March 19th What do we mean by ‘The Kingdom of God’?

March 26th Do Christians always behave better than non-Christians? If not, why not?

April 2nd Is God all powerful?...if so, why does he allow sin and disaster? If not all powerful, what are we to think/do?

April 9th Why bother about sinning if one is always to be forgiven? 

I do hope you will find these sessions helpful, thoughtful and clarifying and that you will want to come along to talk about your own views or issues: these sessions are emphatically not meant to be sermons (except in the proper sense of the word ‘sermon’ which means ‘conversation’.)