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Black Mountains Group of Parishes

Nomination form for membership of the Local Ministry Development Group




Dear Parishioner,


I am writing to you to ask for your help in taking forward God’s mission in our parishes. 


During a recent review of our church’s life and witness, our PCCs identified a set of priorities for our work and mission over the next few years.  In order to take this work forward, we now wish to form a Local Ministry Development Group (LMDG).  This is a group of ordinary parishioners who would work together using their various gifts and talents to further our work here. The group would be answerable to the PCCs and responsible for helping us all in working to realise these goals.  The group’s task would not be to do all the work themselves, but rather to ensure that the job gets done by involving others in appropriate ways. 


I am writing to you now to invite you to prayerfully nominate possible members for this group, bearing in mind your own particular knowledge of people around here.  In order to help you as you consider the gifts needed, could I encourage you to read my bit in the February issue of the Benefice Newsletter?. 


It would also be helpful if you could bear the following factors in mind as you make your nominations.

  • A LMDG needs balance  - of ages, skills, temperaments, sexes and backgrounds.
  • A LMDG needs availability.  Members should be available enough to contribute over an extended, though limited, period. 
  • A LMDG needs to be representative.  The Christian community should be able to feel that the Group represents them all, not being biased towards any particular group or faction.
  • A LMDG needs Christian commitment.  Since Group members are exercising leadership on behalf of the Church, it is important that each member is recognisably part of their local Christian community. 
  • A LMDG needs to be enabling.  The idea is not that Group members should do all the work themselves, but rather should involve others from the congregation(s), and possibly the wider community, in appropriate ways. 


Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and for your willingness to be involved in this exciting new phase of our church’s life. Please return completed forms to me in one of the boxes in the churches, by post or on line.


Yours ever,







I would like to nominate                        _______________________________________________________





to serve on our Local Ministry Development Group.


(No more than three names)


Please return to the Vicar by Sunday March 2nd 



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