Lay Leadership in our Churches

It is obvious to anyone that there are many in our community who have the gifts for leading worship  and prayers. It is obvious to anyone that, with the inevitable reduction in the numbers of our clergy for which our Mission Action Plan is devised, those gifts are going to be sorely needed.

Therefore, from September, we will be offering a course devised by the diocese called In spirit and in truth.There are resource sessions intended for those leading and planning worship. They assume little or no previous experience in this regard. Each of the first four sessions can stand on its own - you do not need to sign up for all 7 of them - or they could be run in combination with any of the others. Sessions 5 to 7 go together and are intended for groups who meet regularly to plan non-eucharistic worship.

Putting it briefly, the seven topics are:

1 Connecting: what it means to stand before God and in front of people

2 Praying: how to devise public intercessions

3 Performing: the basics of leading worship

4 Not preaching: handling the ministry of the Word when there’s no preacher

5 Planning and reviewing (I): resources and good practice for devising a service of the Word

6 Planning and reviewing (II): planning a service together

7 Planning and reviewing (III): reviewing the service planned in session 6

I really hope that people will respond to this, mainly because I hope that they will find that this course will enable them to develop the gifts which they already have, or which they think they might have. 

The courses will take place in the Community Room at Clodock Church. Exact timings will be determined when I know the needs of those who would like to take part.

If you want to talk about this with me, please let me know. Equally, if you are interested - even if vaguely - please do let me know. This could be an utterly transforming opportunity.